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5 Miracles That Can Happen to You!

We often look at miracles as something that only happens in the Bible or a really long time ago. Maybe you think they can’t happen to you for one reason or another. Maybe you even feel undeserving of a miracle. Please know that anyone and everyone can experience a miracle because of God’s love. He wants to bless you beyond what you can image. Let this infographic inspire and encourage you in this!

5 Miracles That Can Happen To You

Blessed with a Much Needed Job After Unemployment

Unemployment can happen to anyone and there’s never a good time for it to happen. It gets harder the long unemployment drags on. Bills pile up, prospects dwindle, and hope fades. Let the God of miracles work in your professional career and guide you to where He wants you to be. He has you on this path for a reason. It may be a change He is making in you, strength He is building in your and your family, trust He is instilling in your heart, or perhaps he has a grand plan for you to be in someone else’s life at the right moment in your new job. Trust His timing is right and the job will come. In the meantime, trust He will provide the resources you and your family needs.

Strength to Handle an Impossible Situation

No matter what you’re facing, God’s strength can get you through the toughest of times. Miracles of strength are hard to understand because your natural instinct is to try harder when things get tough. Before you exert yourself beyond your capacity, partner up with God and he will give you the strength to handle whatever you are facing. He has always been there and always will. Turn to Him for help and ask Him to do what only He can do. Let your situation resolve itself through His might and power and not of your own.

Blessings Beyond Your Capacity to Earn on Your Own

Many times, we have to surrender our success to God’s will in order for miracles of blessing to happen. We should always strive to let Him work in our lives. Let His blessings become real in your life by surrendering it all to Him. If you let Him be the captain of your life, you will see blessings you couldn’t have imagined much less achieved on your own. Make sure to pray for your dreams and desires that God may hear your heart and bless beyond what you can imagine.

Healing from Terminal Illness

When you face a battle of terminal illness, hope can quickly fade if you are not rooted in God’s promises. One thing Pastor Bob Reeve says often is, “Doctors give the diagnosis, but let God give the prognosis.” This means that doctors, having the facts in front of them will simply state what they are seeing. However, they lack a kingdom perspective. A kingdom perspective does not limit you to what is possible on Earth. You have a heavenly father that cares about you and loves you. No sickness or diagnosis is a death sentence for anyone that has faith in Him.

Mend Broken Relationships

God’s desire is for us to love everyone. It breaks his heart to see a rift between any of his children. He desires for you to love your friends and family. Broken relationships, regardless of the reason, should be resolved with love. No matter than what happened, you should first seek God to change your heart towards that person. Whether is a spouse, brother or sister, parent, friend, or anyone else, you should seek God asking for His love to flood your heart for that person. Let Him work in your life and you will be surprised at what relationships He can repair. What you may have once considered a lost cause can be one of His many miracles of restoration and change.

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